Doyle urges Wicklow people to read new guide on financial security














Fine Gael Minister of State for Food, Forestry and Horticulture, Andrew Doyle TD believes the newly published ”Guide to Safeguarding Your Money Now and In the Future“ by the Banking and Payments Federation Ireland (BPFI) should be essential reading for all constituents.
Minister Doyle said: “This is an extremely informative and helpful guide for all people in safeguarding their money.
“Whilst older people tend to be the most vulnerable cohort of people when it comes to financial abuse, the Guide provides very useful information for anyone who has concerns about financial abuse or how their finances are being managed.
“With so many online financial transactions and mobile technology anyone can inadvertently become a victim or a target of financial fraud.
“The Guide provides very useful information on how you can protect your money. From information on recognising email and phone scams to information on setting up a joint account, or Power Of Attorney.
“BPFI (Banking & Payments Federation Ireland) and its member banks have implemented policies and procedures to guide their staff and all provide training on the approach to vulnerable customers.
“Customers who have concerns about their finances can also make an individual appointment with their financial institution to get advice and information on how best to safeguard their money.
“This is a very informative publication by the BPFI. There is also valuable info on how to recognise financial abuse.
“I encourage people to download a copy of this Guide from the below link,” Minister Doyle said.