Upgrading Blessington Waste Water Treatment Plant to be prioritised – Doyle

Fine Gael TD For Wicklow , and Minister of State, Andrew Doyle has received confirmation from Irish Water that work will begin on upgrading the waste water treatment plant for Blessington this coming year.   Blessington Waste water treatment plant has been included in the 17-21 Investment plan to complete a feasibility study and detailed design to ensure its readiness for construction.  Irish water will begin a feasibility study and detailed design to ensure readiness for construction. Scheduling of construction will be based on funding.    “Irish Water has completed surveys for the progression of the treatment plant and has developed an upgrade options report which is under consideration and will form the basis of detailed design. Given the immediate demand for load increases Irish Water is seeking a cost effective phased upgrade solution that could cater for the development demand in the medium term.

“The detailed design of a phased upgrade will commence in 2017. I have stressed the urgent need for this upgrade with Irish Water and they  are now conscious of the development pressures in Blessington and will consider options for funding the upgrade works while the detailed design progresses.

“Irish Water has informed me that they expect the design plan to be completed by end of Q2 2017 and subject to planning and funding; the upgrade could be delivered by 2018.

I am concerned that the limitations on the current treatment plant would prevent future development of the town. I very much welcome Irish Waters commitment to upgrade Blessington Waste Water Treatment Plant as a site that requires an upgrade as part of their 2017-2021 investment plans.

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