Disposable household income on the rise in Wicklow households – Doyle CSO report shows increases in disposable household income in all regions of the country

frmand“Recent CSO data shows that disposable income in Wicklow households is on the increase.” That’s according to Fine Gael TD Andrew Doyle, who credits a growing economy, with more people back at work, for this positive development.

“The most recent CSO data shows that in 2014, all regions across the country showed increases in disposable household income.

“Here in Wicklow there was a 4.6% increase in disposable household income in 2014 compared to 2013. Across the mid-east region it increased by 4.7% in the same period.

“This positive development is thanks to our growing economy, which has seen more people back at work. Unemployment has fallen to 6.6% down from a high of 15.2% back in 2011. There are now over two million people at work.

“The increase in disposable income obviously has a positive knock on effect here in Wicklow as people have a little more money in their pockets, which is good news for local businesses and services.

“We are seeing the evidence of this in the latest Enterprise Ireland figures, which show that 209 new full and part-time jobs were delivered in 2016 by the 116 small businesses in Wicklow that have been supported by the Local Enterprise Offices. These businesses support a total of 699 jobs here in Wicklow. No doubt they will benefit from this increase in household disposable income locally, and we will see further jobs created by small businesses.

“Fine Gael is working hard to build a fair and compassionate society with thriving communities across every region of Ireland. In order to do so we must protect and sustain the economic progress we have made, so that we can use it benefit the people who need it most. That economic progress has been hard won over the last 6 years. We cannot afford to throw it all away on other parties who would risk our recovery.

”Fine Gael is working day and night to ensure that every single family in Wicklow sees the benefits of an economy that is growing strongly once again.”

Doyle Reminds Landowners Of Fire Danger


Andrew Doyle, TD, Minister of State at the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine with responsibility for forestry, today reminded farmers, forest owners, forest managers and the public of the need to be alert to the risk of wildfires over the coming months, and called for farmers, landowners and anyone enjoying the recreational opportunities of our countryside to behave responsibly and within the law with regard to lighting fires. 


Making the announcement, Minister of State Doyle stated “I wish to remind farmers, forest owners, forest managers and members of the public that an inherent risk of fire exists during spring months on certain types of land, particularly in upland areas and that high fire risk conditions can be expected over the coming spring and summer months, when weather conditions dictate.”


Recalling the major wildfires in recent years that destroyed or damaged property, including farmland and forests, he added “Such fires directly endanger people’s homes and property and destroy valuable habitats and tourism resources. Furthermore, they place enormous strain on the emergency services and put the lives of rural dwellers and emergency service personnel at considerable risk”.


Minister Doyle noted that following dry weather patterns, a wildfire risk can quickly develop in all areas where flammable vegetation such as grasses, gorse and heather are present, and concluded by saying “the message is essentially the same each year – I ask land owners, rural dwellers and other land users to maintain a high degree of vigilance regarding fire over the coming months”.


Suspicious activity should be reported to the Gardaí and uncontrolled or unattended fires should be reported immediately to the Fire and Emergency Services.


He also reminded land owners that under the Wildlife Acts, it is illegal to burn growing vegetation on uncultivated land between 1st March and 31st  August and that persons engaged in such illegal activity are liable to prosecution and could face fines, imprisonment and penalties to their farm payments.


Further information on fire and fire precautions can be found on the Department’s website under the “Forestry” heading at: