New JLC legislation provides fairness

Current system is not fit for purpose

The reform taking place of the JLC system, makes for a fairer system, more reflective of modern working life.

The current JLC system is not fit for purpose for employees, employers and bearing in mind the economic position which the country is in. This was borne out in the High Court ruling in the case taken by John Grace, challenging the constitutionality of the JLCs.

The new legislation will reduce the number of JLCs from 15 to 6 and create a more pragmatic, relevant and up-to-date system which will reflect the needs of employers and allow them to create and maintain a viable business while at the same time providing fair employment.

It is clear from talking to those in the hotel business that, under the current system, dealing with employment law and compliance demands the almost full time attention of a staff member in a modest sized business. There are probably in excess of 30 different pieces of employment law to which employees must adhere, especially if dealing with food.

We want to make it easier to create jobs employment and to find employment, and for both employers and employees to be incentivised. This is about trying to maintain employment and protect workers. It is meant to be fair. Generally speaking, if one tries to be fair to everybody, one will probably please nobody but I genuinely believe that this new system will be a far fairer one that will benefit our economy and allow for job creation.

If we get more people working, we will get more people spending, more businesses paying commercial rates and more PAYE income. Each time we transfer one person from jobseeker’s benefit to employment, the State gains at least €20,000. Conversely, anyone who goes on the live register probably costs the State that amount.