Code of Practice for Grocery Sector Is Good News

Deputy Andrew Doyle, TD for Wicklow/East Carlow and Chairperson of Oireachtas
Committee on Communications, Natural Resources and Agriculture, has expressed his support for Minister Bruton’s plans to introduce a statutory code of practice for the grocery sector.

“I respect the Ministers attempt to try to agree a voluntary code of practice first, however it didn’t work in the UK and is highly unlikely to work in Ireland. Hence, I fully support the
Ministers decision to opt for a statutory code of practice this mandatory code is the best way of securing jobs in this industry.

“Consumers in Ireland have clearly embraced the idea of free trade for third world countries,
so I’m entirely confident that they would like the same equal treatment for all involved in
the food industry in Ireland. Food production is the biggest indigenous industry in Ireland so
I welcome Minister Bruton’s recognition of this by embarking on this route that will secure
fairness and equal treatment for all involved in the food industry.

“Ultimately, a Fair trade price for all is an essential element of Ireland’s economic recovery.
Hence, I share in Minister Bruton’s call for all parties to engage in the consultative process
and share their views so that fairness for all is truly achieved.

Furthermore, I also welcome the Ministers move to streamline the five state employment
rights bodies- which will reduce the costs to the tax payer and cut bureaucratic red tape. This
process is being initiated with the appointment of Ger Deering, Director of NERA, as the
industry expert responsible for coordinating the streamlining process across the employment
rights bodies; and Kieran Mulvey, Chief Executive Officer of the Labour Relations
Commission (LRC) assuming leadership of NERA.

“On the 9th of August 2009 Deputy Michael Creed and I published the ‘Consumer and
Competition Bill’ which aimed to amalgamate the National Consumer Agency and the
Competition Authority. This merger would allow for the provision for a statutory code of
practice for the grocery goods sector to occur. I’m delighted with the Ministers recognition
of how important an issue this is. And I feel this move in coordination with the statutory code of practice will only serve to strengthen the grocery goods sector for the better enabling it to become a leader on the road to Irish recovery”.