National Transport Authority says 50% increase in Darts to Greystones is on the cards, along with new N11 bus lanes

Andrew Doyle, Fine Gael General Election candidate, unveils his six-point plan to address N11 transport issues in Wicklow

The National Transport Authority has told Wicklow County Council that they will increase services to the county, according to Andrew Doyle, Fine Gael General Election candidate. In conjunction with this, Andrew Doyle has also developed his own six-point plan to help address the range of transport issues along the N11 corridor in Wicklow. He says that a joined-up approach encompassing the rail and bus network is the only way to address the issue.

Doyle says that the NTA, who control Public Transport, confirmed to Wicklow County Council they are keen to provide a DART every 20 minutes to Greystones, 50% more than now.

“This is great news for Greystones. The Government has already allocated €2bn for DART expansion and Greystones DART enhancement can be funded from that. The NTA have to do further studies and the physical work will take some time but described it as ‘one of the more important projects in the DART expansion programme’. The Park n’ Ride will also be expanded in conjunction.

“The NTA also said they hope to install bus lanes on the N11 well ahead of any of the main works. They are currently trying to amend the consultant’s contracts to design it. Anyone who uses the N11 regularly knows that the traffic flow on the road during peak hours needs to be urgently addressed. However, this solution needs to be part of a joined up approach which includes increasing capacity on our rail network from Arklow to Dublin, increasing the number of bus corridors and express buses  and opening new  park and ride facilities along the N11. Increasing the frequency, reliability and speed of the public transport network in Wicklow will help reduce the number of cars using the N11 at peak times.

“Over the last number of weeks in particular, I have been contacted by hundreds of constituents regarding the Junction 4 to Junction 14 improvement scheme. These residents have conveyed their concerns to me, some of these residents are livings on the red, yellow, blue, green, pink orange and cyan corridors are concerned that their homes will be CPO and demolished. Many other residents not living along these suggested corridors are concerned at the potential environmental impact these road improvements may have on the local area.

“I have examined the suggested corridors routes and the alternative options in the proposals for the scheme and my recommendations are as follows:

1.      To have a dedicated bus corridor on the N11 at peak times going North and Southbound. We need to examine the possibility of reconfiguring the current layout to include an express bus lane at peak hours.

2.      Provide an increased number of park and ride facilities along the N11 similar to the park and ride facility at Jack Whites Pub in Wicklow.

3.      Increase the number of express bus services serving communities living parallel  to the N11 from Arklow to Bray into Dublin City Centre and to Luas and train stations.
We also need to increase the frequency and reliability of the 133 bus and the Local-Link services which connect rural communities in Co. Wicklow

4.      I believe that the proposed Orange, Cyan  and Pink Corridors are not viable as they will cause large scale destruction in the immediate area of Delgany village, including the golf club, historic listed buildings, many family homes and farms will be demolished.

5.      The on/ off ramps along  Junction’s 4 / 11  need to be improved  and redesigned as I believe they contribute to the traffic congestion on the N11.

6.      The improvement scheme  must be mindful of the potential environment impact on the Glen of the Downs area and the SAC designation of this area.