Micheál Martin needs to consider his own commitment to the Irish farming community, instead of criticising others – MEP Candidate Andrew Doyle

Martin’s comments demonstrate that he has absolutely no
idea what’s going on in the Irish farming sector

Andrew Doyle, MEP candidate for Ireland South, has today criticised Micheál Martin for questioning the timing of the announcement of the recent beef support aid secured for Irish farmers.

Doyle, who is the Minister of State at the Department of Agriculture, with responsibility for Food, Forestry and Horticulture, says Martin would be better served committing himself to assisting farm families instead of throwing around ill-thought out comments designed to sway how people vote on election day.

“Put simply – myself and Minister Creed have a track record of delivering for the Irish farming community. Michael Martin and Fianna Fail cannot say the same. In fact, his comments today just prove that he has absolutely no idea what’s going on in the farming sector in Ireland.”

“At a time when farmers were extremely worried about their livelihood, is Micheál Martin suggesting that we should have waited weeks or months before announcing this important deal?

“The package agreed offers some security to farmers who have had to endure significant strain over the past couple of years – and it was imperative that we communicated this news to them as soon as possible. The European Commission acknowledged the case for aid required, which has consistently been put forward by the Minister for Agriculture and myself,” he said.

In addition, Ireland’s European Agriculture Commissioner Phil Hogan was also critical to securing this deal, and I’m failing to understand why Micheál Martin is criticising his involvement. Michael Martin is essentially saying he doesn’t agree that a Commissioner, who is from Ireland, should stand up for Ireland and work to secure aid on behalf of an Irish sector that urgently needs the help of the Commission. Words fail me.”


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