Doyle welcomes payment of vital farming fund ahead of schedule

Press Statement by Andrew Doyle TD

Wicklow/East Carlow

Thursday, 24th November 2011

Doyle welcomes payment of vital farming fund ahead of schedule

Most other European farmers have to wait till January for Single Farm Payment

Fine Gael TD for Wicklow/East Carlow, Andrew Doyle, has today (Wednesday) warmly welcomed the advance payment of the Single Farm Payment and the Disadvantaged Areas Scheme (DAS) payment.

“The average Single Farm Payment (SFP) is around €10,000 and, knowing how important the payment is to farmers, Minister Coveney made the advance payment of the SFP one of his main priorities after coming into office. I am extremely heartened that the representations made by the Minister to the EU Council of Ministers were successful and that Irish farmers are now benefitting from this.

“No other EU country outside the island of Ireland receives the payment before January. So far, over €570 million in Single Farm Payments has been paid to more than 113,000 Irish farmers. In prioritising the early payment of the SFP, this Government has shown that it is in tune with the challenges that farmers are facing.
“I am also glad to report that over €200 million has been paid to 92,605 farmers as part of the Disadvantaged Areas Scheme (DAS). This scheme is vitally important to many farmers in counties like Wicklow and Carlow. The average DAS payment is approximately €2,200.

“In the current economic climate, the SFP and DAS have become increasingly important, especially considering the difficulties people are having accessing credit. Cash-flow is paramount for farmers, particularly those on low incomes. Farmers are more and more reliant on the SFP and DAS to subsidise the running costs of their farms. Very often these payments constitute an amount greater than the net farm income.”


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