High Speed Broadband for secondary schools

Broadband Scheme prepares students for the future digital market
I welcome the announcement by government that high speed broadband will be rolled out to secondary schools across the country.
As part of this scheme over 200 schools are to be connected to high -speed industrial strength broadband by September 2012 and another 250 schools to be connected in 2014.
The Department of Communications, Energy & Natural Resources is funding all of the capital costs of this project, estimated to be approximately €11m, as well as contributing some €10m in day to day running costs for the years 2013 to 2015. The Department of Education & Skills (DES) will fund the remaining day-to-day costs. DES will also fund the ongoing costs on an annual basis into the future.
High speed broadband is necessary for equipping our second level students with the practical skills required to thrive in the new digital market and knowledge economy.
This scheme will promote the importance of technology skills among Irish students in preparation for future employment. This network of highly skilled students will serve as a highly skilled workforce for indigenous and international companies across Ireland.