Wicklow to benefit from anti-Litter and anti-Graffiti funding

Friday 20th April 2012

Over 2.5million funding shows Government commitment to foster economic growth and boost tourism

I welcome the provision of more than €2million in grants to local authorities nationwide to tackle litter and graffiti and has stated that this demonstrates this Governments commitment to promote economic growth and boost tourism figures.

County Wicklow has been allocated a total of €24,000 under the Anti-Litter and Anti-Graffiti Awareness Scheme.  Local authorities using this money can select projects that promote greater public awareness and education to litter and graffiti.  This includes voluntary initiatives run by community groups, which play such an important role in the upkeep of our towns and villages.

To ensure locations popular with tourists are kept clean, County Wicklow will receive €15,000 under the Tourist Anti-Litter Grant. This will help to maintain visitor locations such as beaches, scenic areas and approach roads to access points like airports and ferry ports.  This is of crucial importance in creating a good impression and has a huge impact on the overall visitor experience.

A further €750,000 is being made available nationally under the new Litter Enforcement Scheme, to help crack down on littering and illegal dumping.  Local authorities can use this money to deploy mobile CCTV cameras and other measures to identify those responsible for such activities.

This additional funding will help local authorities to tackle littering through awareness raising, enforcement and the maintenance of tourist areas.  Local authorities, community and voluntary groups all do excellent work to maintain the appearance of streets, roads and scenic areas. 

The onus is also on the individual to take personal responsibility and to be aware of how important it is to keep our communities litter free. The Leave no Trace programme is about promoting and inspiring responsible outdoor recreation. This principle which depends more on attitude and awareness than rules and regulations can be applied in every aspect of daily life.”.