Referendum on European Stability Treaty

Tuesday, 28th February 2012

Referendum debate must focus on real issues

Fine Gael TD for Wicklow, Andrew Doyle, has today (Tuesday) welcomed the announcement by An Taoiseach, Enda Kenny, that there will be a referendum to ratify the European Stability Treaty and called for a debate which is focused on the content of Treaty and its implications for Ireland.
“I welcome the opportunity the pros and cons of adopting the European Stability Treaty. I sincerely hope that the debate that unfolds amongst politicians, commentators and members of the media focuses on the issue at hand.
“If the European Stability Treaty had been in place from the late 1990s, it is possible that successive Fianna Fáil Government’s would not have been able to destroy our economy. The lives of millions of people across Europe have been badly affected by the current economic, crisis which is in no small part due to serious economic mismanagement by member states.
“Ratifying the Treaty will have the effect of protecting States throughout Europe from circumstances which have occurred in Greece, Portugal and here at home.
“I welcome the fact that we have clear advice from the Attorney General on this issue. The decision to have a referendum means there is no doubt about the independence of the Attorney General. It is a very positive indicator of the health of our democracy.
“I strongly believe that ratifying the referendum on the European Stability Treaty is very much in Ireland’s national interest and that doing so will build on the steady progress the country has made in the past year.”