Wicklow Community Garden targetted by vandals

18th April 2012

Vandalism of community garden must be stopped

Vandals who have targeted the community garden which is located close to Crinion Park in Wicklow town must be stopped.

This garden has been operational since its opening in 2006. It has been a valuable addition to the local community benefiting its members of all ages. There are 14 members approx with an age ranging from young to old and even a group of special needs teenagers.

Unfortunately, members of the community garden have been left devastated after vandals broke down and set seven fires in two weeks to the natural fence surrounding the area. This vandalism has occurred despite the best efforts of local Community Gardaí who done fantastic work in the area.

I would also urge these vandals to stop their actions which have ruined the hard work of others in the local area.

I have been in contact with Wicklow Town Council to organise some new fencing to try to keep vandals out to protect this community garden.

I will also support the community’s application to Wicklow Town Council & Wicklow County Council for funding to establish a kids gardening club and to buy the key materials required for this. This garden has a major role to play in the local community and we must ensure its future is secured.