Social Housing funding for Wicklow

Tuesday, 20th March 2012

€5.5 million regeneration funding signals Government’s commitment to Wicklow

I welcome the announcement that over €5.5 million will be provided under the national regeneration programme for social housing in Wicklow. This is part of a national funding programme announced today by Minister of State for Housing and Planning, Jan O’Sullivan, of more than €250 million to be provided to local authorities to support social housing

I warmly welcome this funding for social housing which will help improve the lives of many people in Wicklow. Today’s announcement is a strong statement of the Government’s commitment to Wicklow.  €4,785,000 will be spent on the regeneration programme in Wicklow in 2012. €904,000 was also announced for housing supply, which will include funding a range of projects currently underway. 

The funding announced today will help provide between 3,500 and 4,000 additional social housing units this year throughout Ireland through measures such as the Capital Advance Leasing Facility.

Refurbishment work on the current stock will see another 1,500 properties that are currently vacant, being brought back into use for social housing. This work will focus on improving the energy efficiency of social housing units, particularly older buildings, making the houses the houses concerned cheaper and more comfortable to live in.

It is important that the Government continues to prioritise social housing provision at this time of economic difficulty. The allocation of more than €5.5 million for the regeneration of social housing in Wicklow is a very significant investment.”